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Issue No. 412 April 2017

Rollout enhances responder readiness

Sergeant Chris Fraser, of Central District, takes delivery of the district’s new equipment.

Police’s response capability is being boosted with the rollout of more equipment and tactical training to frontline staff.

In September 2016, after staff feedback, the Police Executive approved changes to Police’s responder model, enabling more staff to be trained in the full suite of tactical options, including Taser and firearms.

The move to the new responder model means more staff will be better able to respond to the range of situations they are likely to face.

To deliver the new model, Police launched the Tactical Environment Safety Programme (TESP) to ensure staff were appropriately trained, equipped and supported to perform their jobs more effectively.

“Under TESP we have been busy distributing more equipment to staff in districts, with staff receiving more tactical training than ever before to meet the requirements of the new responder model,” says Inspector Mike McIlraith, who is overseeing the rollout.

“Alongside the training, the equipment rollout includes the distribution of more M4 rifles, Glock pistols, Tasers and Hard Armour Protection (HAP) to primary response staff, as well as the fit-out of more Police vehicles and stations to support the safe storage of the new equipment.

“This is progressing well and is on track to be completed by the end of June this year.”

This means around 80 percent of all staff nationally will be trained and able to deploy the full range of tactical options.

“While this is great news for our staff, with this increased capability comes greater responsibility, particularly around the safe handling and storage of firearms,” says Mike.

“As a result, we will be introducing some changes to Police policy and practice around the safe storage and use of firearms over the coming months, including changes to the security seal policy and new firearms handling processes. The changes will be communicated to staff as the work progresses.

“All these changes are about making sure our staff are appropriately trained and have access to the right equipment at the right time to keep themselves and the New Zealand public safe.”

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