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Issue No. 412 April 2017

Positive and professional

By Commissioner Mike Bush

The recruits of Wing 303 who joined their districts last month have entered a vastly changed organisation.

Kia ora. Ten years ago this month, New Zealand Police and the public were shocked by the findings of the Commission of Inquiry into Police Conduct.

Dame Margaret Bazley’s inquiry revealed how certain officers had mistreated some victims of sexual assault and it exposed some unacceptable behaviours, standards and practices within parts of Police.

We were rightly held to account for those failings. Not only were they completely against our duty to serve and protect the public, they impacted severely on the trust and confidence New Zealanders had in their Police.

Ten years on, we have implemented all of the 47 Police-specific recommendations made by Dame Margaret. We’re a different organisation from that of a decade ago and a world away from the one of the late 1970s - the start point for the inquiry.

We’re now a truly victim-centric, diverse and inclusive police service, with a culture that is positive, professional and focused on high performance.

I want to thank each and every one of you for the work that’s been done to get us to this point, and for your ongoing support.

In this issue of Ten One, you can also hear directly from Louise Nicholas, whose experiences helped to spark the Commission of Inquiry back in 2004. Louise has been a strong supporter of changes we’ve made, and she and others continue to partner with us to make enhancements to areas like training and victim care.

But although we’ve come a long way, our journey doesn’t stop here. We must remain vigilant and I’m personally committed to Police making continuous improvement in all the areas identified by the Commission of Inquiry.

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