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Issue No. 412 April 2017

Minister’s Word

A view from Police Minister Paula Bennett

Police Minister Paula Bennett
Recently I went to an event in Auckland called Every Day Heroes.

It was great to see a strong Police presence there and it got me thinking about the heroic work that goes on every day in policing. And I’m not just talking about the big stories that we hear about in the news.

While you are frontline for emergencies, this month I’ve been constantly reminded of the prevention work you do that stops so much harm from happening in the first place.

Congratulations to all of the officers who worked alongside customs to stop 160 litres of t-boc at the border. T-boc is a form of methamphetamine chemically masked to prevent detection.

The liquid form hadn’t been detected here before and your smart policing has prevented the harm that could have been caused by this insidious drug infiltrating our communities.

I’ve met the officers who are dedicated to working with retailers on crime prevention. And I’ve been taking a keen interest in the Alternative Actions Programme Police run with youth offenders.

Your one-on-one work with young people has reduced their reoffending by 53 percent, compared with 30 percent of those who go through the courts.

It’s policing like this which leaves me in no doubt that each of you is an Every Day Hero and I’d like to thank you for the crimes that never happened because of your initiative and hard work.

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